Sunday, 23 September 2012

Amuse Carbon R BNR34

57.267 sec at Tsukuba Circuit "It's unmistaken that the RB26DETT is one of the greatest pieces of machinery ever built. However, the chassis that carries one of Nissan's most coveted creation weighs in at over 3300 pounds; it serves as a great opportunity to shave some weight. By doing so, 120% of the potential of the RB26 can be extracted because of the ultra lightweight GT-R body. This is the dream machine that I have been lusting for a long time." Claims Mr. Tanabe from Amuse, proudly speaking alongside the Carbon R. The coveted Tsukuba 57 second mark was first achieved the 2nd year after the initial shake down pass in 2002. At that time, there were talks of a possible 56 second pass if the given conditions were ideal.
The ultimate weapon for the Carbon R is the lightweight nature of the machine. A plethora of the body panels were sliced off and dry carbon pieces took the place of the white sheet metal. The 4WD components were also removed to make the vehicle into a FR configuration, and even parts of the motor were shaved off to decrease the weight. The final verdict was a 2400 pound. chassis; a GT-R that weighs in far less than an average RX-7!
Numbers never lie, they are considered solid evidence. A stock BNR34 generally weighs in at around 3400 pounds, meaning that more than 900 pounds were taken away from this vehicle.

"We were curious to see how fast this GT-R turned out to be if the engine was moderately tuned but was placed inside an extremely light chassis." States Mr. Tanabe. The engine is not as modified as people perceive it to be. Most enthusiasts are able to reach this level of engine modification.
The RB26DETT still retains its original displacement, but was mated to two GT-RS turbines for a total output of 520 horsepower. Most suspension components were untouched, not to disturb the manufacturer designed suspension geometry.
The finished result of the Carbon R is a wide-bodied vehicle that is covered with full dry carbon fiber. The quality is second to none from a GT spec machine. Yet by peering into the interior, anyone can tell you that the Carbon R is not a race car, but a highly tuned street car.

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