Monday, 15 October 2012

(Dreamcast) Shutokō Battle 2


EU: Tokyo Highway Challenge 2
JP:  Shutokō Battle 2
US: Tokyo Extreme Racer 2

Yesterday I have started up my dreamcast that was hidden in my old shelf. I directly put shutoku battle 2 in the reader. This classic reminded me many moments at home trying to get through the game,  it was very difficult because it was in Japanese.

 Sorry for my dirty joy

Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 (USA) Intro
For some legality reasons in japanese version (Shutoku Battle 2) you cant see those real wangans clips in the intro.

You can play it on your PC with NullDC emulator:
Shutoku Battle 2 running on NullDC emulator:

NullDC emulator with bios, ready for playing.
Shutoku Battle 2 iso 
If you have any problem fell free to ask. 

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  1. It's possible to save and load with this version of the emulator?