Friday, 9 November 2012

Initial D 5th stage episode one summary.

From what we can see in the first episodes intro is a couple of new cars coming in to the battle. Some of them are: Nissan Fairlady Z32, LanEvo 8/9, highly Modified S15, Second Gen Mazda Miata, Toyota MR-2 (W30) which is the never model than the SW20 we saw in previous stages, There is an JZA80 Supra, Honda NSX and in a fraction of a second we can see a Trueno coupe on the same background we saw Takumi's 86 Hatch in the first stages intro. We also can see that Takahashi Ryosuke's FC has come under heavy visual change, spoilers, body, bonnet etc. and so has the Nakazato's R32. Not to spoil the whole episode I will let you watch the thing yourself, you can find the subbed version in the previous post. Enjoy!

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